I’ve known Tyler and Sam for a couple years now. So when I found out they were having their first child I weaseled my way into shooting some photos of their adorable new son Braxton. […]

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Day in the Park

My wife and I took our son Noah to the playground tonight for his first swing ride. Needless to say, Noah was stoked!

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I’m a huge fan of TJ. I met him around a decade ago in Calgary when he was something like 4.0′ tall. He flew out under the watchful eye of Cephas Benson to skate the […]

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Although I may not agree with his hockey team choice, I did love shooting this cute little Canucks fan’s photos today. Congrats to Cole and Nichole on their awesome little boy, Felix! Here’s just a […]

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A first for everything.

Being a first time dad, it seems as if everything my son does for the first time is the next biggest milestone in both of our lives. I guess in reality, it really is. Here […]

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Ladouceur Family

Jayce, Jetson, Jon, and Genna made for a really relaxed and fun family shoot that I’m very stoked to have shot! Here’s a couple from their day in the park: (click images to enlarge)

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It was cold, but it was beautiful out in Banff, AB this winter. After a brief trip I took my family on, I had many many photos to go through. Here’s a few from it. […]

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I’ve known Factor for a long time, and Danny (Def3) for even longer. Musically they’re some of the very best at what they do, and when they combine forces together, what you get is nothing […]

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Sattler Baby!

I’ve known Shawn for years. Not only is he a skateboard legend, he’s also a proud papa. Just recently, Shawn and his lovely wife welcomed their new baby daughter Elyse into the world. They were […]

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Toe Grab

This little feller just learned a new trick. (click to enlarge)

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