It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for over twenty years now, but time flies when you’re having fun, I suppose. I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot photos all over the globe capturing anything and everything along the way, and it makes me so happy when I get to work with new people and can be a part of their special memories too!

Over the years I’ve been extremely lucky to shoot photos of countless people, capturing their moment and having a blast while doing it! My photography has allowed me to travel the world and capture it in a way that I’ll be able to remember all of the good times for as long as I live. It’s my hope that I’ll be able to do the same with you and your special moments. Although photography mediums have changed over the years, the desire to get that perfect shot remains the same, and I’m fully committed to working with you to achieve that.

A little about myself: I’m very grateful that for years I have been able to shoot photos professionally for numerous major publications, both nationally and internationally. Both as a freelance and a staff photographer, I’ve been able to dedicate countless hours to my craft and it has enabled me to make some lifelong memories with some of the most amazing people. I started out shooting skateboard photos with my brothers and friends, but in a relatively short time it became my passion—and even my occupation. Coinciding with that has been years and years of wedding, engagement, family, music, event, and any other type of photography you can imagine.

I don’t know the word to describe my photographic journey, but I suppose that if you tally up all the literally millions of photos I’ve shot in my lifetime, and each one says a thousand words, hopefully there’s something to be said about it—and I hope you like what it is!

Please be sure to click the CONTACT tab to get a hold of myself for any questions on booking shoots, availability, or even just talking camera talk. Thanks!

– Owen