Dan & Erica

Dan & Erica’s wedding was the most intimate family wedding I have ever been part of.  It was simply amazing watching all of the generations come together and make it so special for the happy bride and groom! Even the 60km/hr gusts of wind all day couldn’t take away from the beauty of what they have and I am very thankful that I was there to shoot it for them. Here are a few previews of Dan & Erica.

(click on images to enlarge)


OW_20170819_DanErica_9023OW_20170819_DanErica_8853OW_20170819_DanErica_9029OW_20170819_DanErica_8679OW_20170819_DanErica_8799OW_20170819_DanErica_8982OW_20170819_DanErica_8994OW_20170819_DanErica_9533OW_20170819_DanErica_9746OW_20170819_DanErica_9705OW_20170819_DanErica_0043 OW_20170819_DanErica_0206 OW_20170819_DanErica_0068OW_20170819_DanErica_0980 OW_20170819_DanErica_9719 OW_20170819_DanErica_9380OW_20170819_DanErica_0007 OW_20170819_DanErica_0244OW_20170819_DanErica_0805 OW_20170819_DanErica_0942 OW_20170819_DanErica_9761 OW_20170819_DanErica_0164OW_20170819_DanErica_9838OW_20170819_DanErica_0120

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